Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Duplicating My 15-Minute $TICK Chart In TradeStatiion

I get emails from time to time asking about this 15-minute $TICK chart. This is how you can duplicate this chart in TradeStation:

  1. Create a new Chart. Right click on the chart and Format the symbol. In "Settings" change the symbol to "$TICK". In "Settings" also click on "Intra-day" and put "15" in the "Minute Bar" slot. In "Settings" under "Range", put 100 for "Days Back".
  2. Click on "Style" and choose "OHLC Bar".
  3. Click on "OK".
  4. Right click on the chart and click on "Insert Symbol". Type in "$INX" and then "Plot".
  5. On the Tool Bar, click on "Insert" and then "Indicator". Select "Mov Avg Exponential" and "OK".
  6. Right click on the chart and click on "Format Analysis Techniques...".
  7. Click on "Format" for "Mov Avg Exponential".
  8. Under "General", "1.$TICK 15 min" should be showing in the "Base study on:" slot.
  9. Click on "Inputs". In the "Price" slot, replace "Close" with "(H+L+C)/3". In the "Length" slot, replace that number with "50".
  10. Click on "Color". Select white for "AvgExp".
  11. Click on "Scaling". Change "Same Axis as Underlying Data" with "Right Axis". Change "Sub-graph" to "3".
  12. Click "OK".

You should have a chart that is the same as the one above.


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